Questions? Answers!….


Thank you for stopping by! All the Ambience seeks to inspire you to live creating a life with a beautiful ambience. I am confident that if you take care of yourself (self-care!), you will be able to generate good vibes to put positive energy back into the world, and create a world of beautiful ambience.


Who am I?

A twenty-something girly girl who loves to look good + feel good + live good. Check out my Instagram hashtags: #amberambience and #alltheambience

Where do I live?

Total suburbia, a bunch of miles west of the beautiful Chicago.

What did I study in college/what am I doing with my life?

I majored in English and minored in Secondary Education. I was teaching high school English, but I’ve opted not to pursue a career as a classroom educator. My passions in blogging and digital creativity have truly captured my mind, soul and heart.

Do I have any children?

I have a beautiful and intelligent daughter named Alena. She’s starting 6th grade and living the #tweenlife… And yes, I was/am a young mom!

Am I single, dating, married?

DATING… a really sweet, and very tall, guy named David. ♥ My boyfriend is the best and he takes most of my blog photos!

What do I do for fun?

I’m a total girly girl. I love getting dolled up, shopping, getting my nails done, spa trips, going out for breakfast (especially with my daughter)! I also love going out with family or friends to movies, dinners and to Chicago for city nights! I keep active, and I feel like there is pretty much always something going on…

When I have “me time” (self-care, what’s uppp!!!) I love relaxing with a glass of moscato and watching a movie, or reading a great book (see what I’m currently reading on Goodreads).

Why did I start this blog?

5 years ago I started blogging. I’ve had a few blogs since then and you can read about that blogging journey here. I started All the Ambience to share style inspiration and self-care tips.


I love:

  • my family
  • my boyfriend
  • my amazing friends
  • fall & summer
  • meaningful conversation
  • cupcakes & crème brûlée
  • dresses
  • my curly hair
  • high heels & skinny jeans
  • yoga, lifting & running
  • travel
  • self-care/aromatherapy
  • home decor
  • comedy & theatre
  • & I’m sure you’ll learn plenty more!

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