The Story

Hello Lovely!

Do you like to feel good, look good and live good? Yeah, me too. It’s called self-care. ♥ Know the phrase “treat yoself”? Make that your new mantra…

The word ambience originates from the French word “ambiance” meaning the feeling or mood associated with a particular person or space. All the Ambience seeks to inspire you to live creating a life with a beautiful ambience.

The Inspiration

Here, I share ideas and inspiration to feel good + look good + live a life of beautiful ambience.

On All the Ambience you will get all kinds of goodness on style & self-care, including:

The Mission

I am confident that if you take care of yourself, you will be able to generate good vibes to put positive energy back into the world.


The Blogger

I’m Amber Shannon and I’ve been blogging since 2012. Since then, I’ve been the creative behind 4 blogs, including this one (you can read more about my blogger experiences here)! All the Ambience finally feels like home. ♥

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